Villa Ravioli

Beef-stuffed Ravioli

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Ravioli au boeuf

To prepare the stuffing for this ravioli, we slowly braise Quebec-raised beef with onions and spices, according to a traditional Italian recipe. The result? Chubby little squares of irresistibly delicious pasta. Calling all meat lovers!

Good for you

  • Source of fibre
  • Good source of iron
  • No trans fat
  • Low in saturated fat

Nutrition Facts

Per 1 1/3 cup (150 g)

Amount% daily value
Calories 430
Fat 7 g11
Saturated 1 g + Trans 0,1 g6
Cholesterol 10 mg
Sodium 450 mg19
Carbohydrate 73 g 
Fibre 4 g16
Sugar 1 g 
Protein 16 g
Calcium 50 mg5
Iron 4.5 mg32